Vintage Shopping in Amsterdam

This summer I went on a little birthday holiday to Amsterdam and I absolutely loved it. One of my main motivations for going there, other than it being beautiful, cultural, laidback and easy to find my way around, was that it has an infamous vintage scene (ok, maybe not as infamous as that other scene, but still pretty prolific).

That’s me in the kitchen of my gorgeous AirBnB apartment, hallo!


I wanted to round up some of the best vintage places I visited, so if you’re visiting soon you know where to start looking to get your vintage fix. I’ve tried grouping them by ones that are near to each other so if you’re there and you see one, you know to look out for the others.

It’s pretty image heavy, so read more under the cut…


I stayed on a road/canal called Brouwersgracht, which starts near the centre of town, just below Centraal Station, and runs west to the district of Jordaan. I fell in love with this area; the west of the city is definitely best with all its little shops and cafes.

I landed in Amsterdam lunchtime on Sunday and, after checking in to my beautiful B&B, it only took me literally five minutes to find a vintage shop on Haarlemmerstraat (one street above where I was staying).

This was one of my favourite streets in Amsterdam with lots of little homeware shops, bakeries, cafes, independent designers, etc. You’ll also find a Marqt (organic supermarket) and Stack (grocers) here where you can stock up on yummy snacks. I just found there was a really nice feel about it, and as the four main canals run from this road it’s a great starting point to begin exploring. Plus there are three vintage shops.


Wini (Haarlemmerstraat 29)

Wini Vintage has a real mix of vintage from various eras and some handmade clothes. It is laid out more like a boutique than some of the other vintage shops, so the quality is generally higher – but the prices not so much. They cater for women, men and kids. I bought a couple of lovely psychedelic scarves.

Rumors Vintage (Haarlemmerstraat 99)

Rumors is a small shop but holds a lot of stock from 1970s to 1990s, and some reworked dresses at about €25 so it is fairly reasonably priced.

Marbles Vintage (Haarlemerdijk 64)

This was one of my favourite shops, covering every era from 1960s to 1990s. It’s a really eclectic mix but everything was very good quality and there are some treasures to be found if you don’t mind a bit of a rummage.


They also have two more shops at Ferdinand Bolstraat 28 and Nieuwe Hoogstraat, Old Town.

De 9 Straatjes

De 9 Straatjes or ‘9 Streets’ district is at the heart of the city’s canal ring and where you’ll find a lot of independent, arty, fashion and vintage shops. Though I was pleasantly surprised that these are actually everywhere in Amsterdam. However here is where you’ll find the most per square metre.

I first explored De 9 Straatjes on my second day in the ‘Dam, which was the only time it chucked it down. But there are worse places to hide from the rain than vintage shops, no?

Laura Dols (Wolvenstraat 7)


If period clothing is your thing then Laura Dols is the place to go. I’d heard good things about it before I went but it really was exquisite, surely the best vintage shop in Amsterdam. Because the quality is so high, it is a bit more expensive but not unreasonable at all. If you’re looking for a special outfit, you’re bound to find one here.


It’s also worth noting if you’re in Amsterdam of a weekend Laura Dols also have a kilo sale shop. I can’t vouch for what it’s like but well worth a look.


Episode (Berenstraat 1, also Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 61 and Waterlooplein 1)


Episode is one of a few chain vintage stores (think Cow in the UK) with mainly 80s/90s stuff, but reasonably priced and I absolutely love their focus on sustainable fashion. I only went to two of their stores, but the one on Berenstraat in the 9 Streets was the biggest, and even had an ‘antique’ section selling 50s and 60s dresses. The stock was also split 50/50 between guys and girls so there’s lots for the chaps too.


Bij Ons Vintage (Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 150)

Not the fanciest vintage shop in Amsterdam but Bij Ons had some really nice stuff, mainly from the 1970s. Dresses are priced around €25, but they have a seemingly permanent 3 for 2 offer so you could definitely nab a bargain.

Zipper (Huidenstraat 7)

Zipper is another vintage chain store, with mainly 80s and 90s imported clothes. Plenty of accessories as well. If you’ve shopped until you want to drop by now, make sure you pop next door to Goodies for seriously the BEST sandwiches in Amsterdam.

Also nearby

Tut and Hola (Singel)

I stumbled upon Tut and Hola around the corner from where I was staying. It’s fairly new so I hadn’t heard of it before. Like Laura Dols, it specialises in very good quality 50s, 60s and 70s stock. It’s also laid out like a 70s living room, awesome!




I’d read about the flea market ‘Lapjesmarkt’ (or textiles market) which happens every Monday morning but it was only on arriving that I realised it was literally down the road from my B&B.


Half clothes market and half antiques market, this is the place to grab a vintage bargain in Amsterdam! But be prepared to rummage, and barter.


And once you’re done, I can highly recommend you head to Citea for a refreshing cuppa.

Old Town

I didn’t spend a whole lot of time in the Old Town, but it’s worth exploring for these shops:

Other shops

And some other. non-vintage shops that are worth a gander include:

Have you been to Amsterdam? Where were your favourite places to visit?

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