Vintage Inspiration: Beverly Goldberg’s 80s Sweaters

Sweaters. Jumpers. They have different names depending on which side of the pond you fall. But whatever you want to call them, when the cold month’s start to bite (and oh do they bite in the north of England!) I like nothing more than wrapping myself up in lots of layers of wool and acrylic.

As we head into the festive season, well, the brighter and shinier the better as far as I’m concerned! And if there is one era that knew how to do bright, shiny jumpers better than anyone else, it is definitely the 1980s.

One of my (not so) guilty pleasures is the TV series The Goldbergs, which follows a hapless family trying to navigate their way through aforementioned decade. The matriarch, Beverly Goldberg has some of the finest examples of 80s novelty knits known to man. Behold…

Beverly’s sweaters, and entire wardrobe in fact, is so magnificent that there is a Tumblr account dedicated to it!

I can only imagine how much fun it must be to be a costume designer or researcher on that show. This article on Glamour gives some idea of the sheer amount of eighties fashions they have to play with.

Want to recreate the look? Fortunately the internet is not short of vintage from this period. Here’s a few pieces I found on Etsy that wouldn’t look out of place on Bev. You can also check out the Frock Vintage Etsy shop for more fabulous 80s knits.

Vintage 80's Sweater - Beverly Goldberg -Purple and Black -Abstract - Saved By the Bell - Oversized - Plus Size - 3X

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Pink 80s Cardigan, Vintage 80s Printed Pink and Grey Oversized Coatigan, Oversized Cardigan, 80s Striped Cardigan, Pink 80s Wool Cardigan

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