Time to plan a vintage wedding

It’s a while since I’ve posted anything here and in that time some very exciting things have happened. But the big one is that I GOT ENGAGED!

On 28th December, as we walked off the usual post-Christmas over indulgence in a very snowy Peak District… Ed asked me to be his wife, and I said YES! (and cried, a lot). I’d never really thought about how I wanted to be proposed to, but at the top of a hill in the snow was pretty darn magical.

He’d also chosen the best 1920s art deco ring. Again, I’d never even thought what my dream engagement ring would be… but this is it. It is even inscribed with a date from 1928 and some initials. As with all antiques and vintage, I love the idea that this ring had a life and a story before it came to us.

After the initial floating around like I was on a cloud kind of feeling we’ve been full on into planning mode since new year. We were pretty certain we wanted to get married this year if we could, while also appreciating that these things take time to plan. We also didn’t want a winter wedding, spring was too soon and summer too busy. So we settled on October with no idea whether that was even possible.

By some miracle, it didn’t take us very long to find and secure our ideal venue. I mean, honestly, we totally lucked out and I am still pinching myself that we got it on exactly the date we wanted. It was almost too simple. Though maybe there’s a reason no one wants a wedding in October in the north west of England, the rainiest month! (Though to be fair, ALL months are rainy up here).

Still, I am superstitious about it to the point where I can’t even bring myself to write the name of the place here or post any pictures in case I jinx it and it all falls through. Plus, I’d like to keep some things a surprise.

So, the venue is booked and the registrar too. Which means we get to move on to the fun bit… styling!

The venue is quite period in style, naturally, so a vintage-inspired wedding is on the cards. Obviously, I love vintage clothes and history, so I’m keen to incorporate that into the big day but without it becoming too much of a ‘theme’. And, as ever, I’d like to keep it as unnecessarily wasteful and as DIY as possible.

I plan to share bits that I can as I go along to keep a diary of sorts to be able to look back on – starting with dresses (of course… this blog ain’t called ‘frock’ for nothing!)

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