Frock is a start-up vintage and handmade fashion business based in Stockport, UK. Our online shop will launch in Spring 2023.

Run by Lucy, Frock is founded on the belief that vintage and handmade clothing is a unique, affordable, fashionable and sustainable alternative to fast fashion.

I want to help you find classic and well-made pieces that will express your personality, that you won’t see everyone else wearing, and which you will treasure past next season – whether you buy them from me, or are inspired to find or make them yourself!

I search high and low to handpick clothes from the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and early 1990s. I look for clothes that are colourful and unique (think cute patterns and unusual details). Some items I find are a bit tired, so I give them a new lease of life by either mending them or using the fabric to create new, beautiful and – most importantly – wearable clothes without the need to use lots of new materials or produce waste.

I also make jewellery and accessories from the offcuts. Something new from something old – magic!

Though if I find something in mint condition I’ll leave it just as it is, perfect.

Frock blog

I don’t just want to sell clothes. I want to inspire people to think differently about their wardrobes. On the Frock blog you’ll find plenty of DIY fashion tutorials, vintage styling tips and vintage buying guides to help you get started and learn new skills.

About Lucy

My love of vintage clothing started in childhood, playing with my two sisters in a dressing up box full of lace nighties, embroidered silk jackets, beaded purses and high heels that my grandma snapped up at car boot sales (where my love of sniffing out a bargain comes from too!)

Today not much has changed, and I can still usually be found rummaging through piles of clothes to find something to play with.