Vintage condition

Vintage clothing has often been around for decades, and its condition can vary depending on how it’s been stored, worn and looked after.

We want you to be confident that you know what you’re buying when you shop online, so we grade all of our vintage and label it with one of the following categories of condition:

  • Perfect/mint condition – As new, with no flaws or wear. Sometimes has original tags and packaging.
  • Excellent – Used, but in impeccable condition with no noticeable flaws.
  • Very good – Used, some minor flaws, no repairs needed (or repairs have already been made).
  • Good – Visible wear, minor flaws, repairs may be needed.
  • Fair – Numerous flaws, repairs needed.
  • Poor – Extensive damage or significant signs of wear. Can sometimes be restored.

These categories are modified from those produced by the Vintage Fashion Guild.

Cleaning and modifications

We try to ensure that our vintage clothing reaches you in the best condition, with any pre-worn pieces (those without original labels still attached) cleaned before going on sale.

All pieces are also steamed or ironed when appropriate.

We may also sometimes make repairs and replace missing buttons to make sure that each item is in the best condition it can be. However, as with all vintage that has been worn before, some minor signs of wear should be expected.

Any wear, repair or imperfection is always noted and pictured clearly in each product listing, so please do take time to read these.

Reworked vintage

When vintage pieces are in a fair to poor condition, we sometimes modify them to give them a new lease of life. For example, we might remove the sleeves or take up hems because fabric is stained, frayed or worn. Or we might make a dress into a two-piece garment.

Reworking vintage is a way of giving a second chance to fabrics that might otherwise be thrown away. The utmost care is put into creating these new items from something old.

All reworked vintage is clearly labelled in product listings so you know what you’re getting.